Popularity of Gaming In India

Image of Professional Gamers in action.

Mass consumption of gaming

India is close on the heels of China which boasts of the highest gaming population in the Asia-Pacific region. Globally, India takes the fifth rank. With 89% of the revenue generated through mobile games, the year 2018 saw more than 5 billion game apps being downloaded in India alone.

Why is India so conducive for the gaming companies and markets?

  • The average Indian spends a minimum of 5 hours a week on gaming.
  • Mobile gaming is more popular within the country .
  • Smart phones having the basic gaming capabilities combined with low cost internet accessibility has driven the popularity of the gaming sector .
  • Most paid games are affordable.
  • With multiple-player games being a trend with the youth, most of them are willing to pay small amounts to make in-app purchases to stay in the game.

Investing in India

NASSCOM data puts the Indian gaming market at a whopping 1.1 billion valuation by the year 2020. Big sharks Tencent and Alibaba have already started investing heavily. With no pressure from the government to crackdown on the rising addiction , these giants have strengthened their presence in India.

Apart from foreign investments, India itself boasts of more than 250 gaming companies that are vying for a place in this ever-expanding market. Technology institutions are churning out professionals equipped with degrees in Gaming. No one knows the potential of this market better than these youngsters. The transfer their brilliant ideas onto new and more interesting games that bring in more audience and revenue.

Our own Desi Games

If the international gaming scenario thinks it is the only reigning king og the gaming world in India, it has to think again. The common Indian has already found more relatable games that make him quite happy. Brilliant games like Rummy and TeenPatti have already become local favourites.

These “desi” games , with more than 5 billion downloads are proving to be tough competition . And they are here to stay. The content customization of the traditional Indian games has redefined the online gaming market .

The present scenario of the gaming in India is looking good. The ecosystem has changed effectively and it is expected to expand further in the oncoming years.

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