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Hi friends! We are a team of serious flash game developers. Developing different types of flash games is or passion since childhood. Though each of us different education degrees, we ensure to learn 2D Flash and animation to develop exciting games. Flashchamp.com is almost like our child. We ensure to post updates about new games and share our thoughts in this blog. If you are an avid online game player, you would enjoy reading all our blogs. We share different topics on our website. Our main theme includes Flash learning, Flash tutorial, Benefits and Flash games.

Do you want to become a top Flash game developer? Well, keep following our website and learn the basics through our site. You can easily become a successful flash game developer. We started this website in May 2013 with a few blogs. Now we have hundreds of blogs with quality information.

Online flash games are always interesting to play. It does not make the player feel bored or disappointed. Whenever you lose confidence or need a push, you need to try one of our flash games. It will help you to think from a different perspective. It is enjoyed to play with teams. You can aim to get better scores due to that competitive spirit.

Escape Games are all time favorite. It can be played online as well as offline. There are hundreds of Escape Games, each completely different from one another. The themes of the Escape Games are impressive. Get ready! Start playing and enjoy reading our website.