The Gaming Macrocosm

Image of Macrocosm - New Sci-fi Mini game.

The Evolution Of Gaming

When the video game was introduced in the early 1950’s, it became a major hit with both adults and children alike. The generation that was used was so deeply involved in outdoor activities slowly saw the change creeping in. The early 70’s saw the introduction of gaming arcades, consoles and other paraphernalia like joysticks and controls.

Nolan Bushnell, the godfather of gaming founded Atari . With its first electronic video game, Pong, Atari gave the public a whole new reason to visit shopping malls . Gaming arcades were installed in places that pulled in huge crowds that were only too eager to try their luck at something new.

In the 80’s, these huge contraptions underwent a major change. The hand-held video games found itself into most homes , giving the meaning of gaming a whole new dimension.

The Revolution of Home Gaming

The teens , preteens and young children of the 80’s would now recall how thrilling it was to own a video game at home. The technological boom was an added advantage for many companies capitalizing on this ever expanding market. So popular was the video gaming craze that sales in arcade games doubled . Gaming forayed into the realms of music and movies . The highly popular “Pac-Man Fever” found its way to the top of the Billboard charts. Tron was a major hit. The sci-fi film inspired other games , books and animated series.

The rapid increase in popularity and demand created thereof , spun the gaming industry into an uncontrollable vortex of production and capitalization. When quality was compromised, there was a surge in quantity. The sudden influx of too many games created a lull in demand , thus stagnating the products that had found their way into the market.

Rising like the Phoenix

The brief slump in sales and unforeseen market saturation hit some companies hard. Facts say that unused arcades and consoles were simply destroyed just to get rid of them.

But gaming itself was there to stay. The Personal computer or PC had become a household name in the 90’s. Termed to be more affordable and advanced, they breathed life into the dying trend . Innovative variants were introduced and they were welcomed with open arms.

New genres replaced the old games. First person shooter, role play, survival strategies, etc took the world of gaming to a new level from where there was no turning back. Nintendo64, Super Mario 64, Sony’s PlayStation and Sega Saturn created new benchmarks . A new feeding frenzy was initiated and it has only become insatiable with generation after generation of new gamers and gaming.

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