Top gaming events of the year 2019

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Is the gaming revolution nearing our time?

We all love playing games whether gadget specific, indoor or outdoor games. Android smartphone culture is bringing a lot for us to enjoy games and simulations on our couch. Millions of people throughout the world download games on their laptops, desktops, and phones. Some like action games like Critical strike and some like arcade games like angry birds. Games are for all and not adult or child-specific, people of all ages love gaming. You can convert gaming into a profession through youtube and gaming event society. We can say this profession as the most fascinating and loving profession out in the market. The new establishing gaming communities are happy in providing space for developing gamers.

What are gaming events and where can one find them?

Gamers would have a precise idea about gaming events. Gaming companies host and sponsor the gaming events every year to promote the gaming community and their games. 2018 was a great treat to all the gamers around the world. The e-sports events were liked by all and even new game launches were discussed at the event. We can only expect something grand in the year 2019.

List of some major gaming events of 2019

1. Global Game Jam (January 25-27)
This is probably is the first gaming event of the year 2019. This event is related to programming and coding for games. There are also some games related to non-programmers. The game will run for 48 hours with major gamers competing in it.

2. Dream Hack Leipzig (February 15-17)
One can enjoy watching professional e-sports gamers competing in the event. Germany will be the host country of the game. This will be a delicious treat for e-sports lovers.

3. London Games Festival (April 2-14)
If you are visiting the UK this spring then don’t forget to visit the London gaming festival. The festival will run for 12 days and will provide enormous fun and joy for game lovers. The gaming parades, awards, gaming industry discussions, and many game-related activities will be discussed during the event.

4. E3 Expo 2019 (June 11-13)
The electronic entertainment expo (E3) is famous for its premier gaming trades. During the event period, major gaming publishers announce and discuss their future games.

5. Games Com (August 20-24)
It is the largest gaming event in the world. Last year 3,70,000 visitors, publishers and gamers from 56 countries displayed their hardware inside the exhibits.

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