Gaming – A Boon or Bane?

A Selective focus of gaming gears in a tv background.

The boon of Gaming- its pros.

What good could come out of a habit that glues one to the screen for hours and rules the mind if left unchecked and uncontrolled? Well, there does seem to be a good side to this coin.

  • Gaming is said to improve learning and test scores.
  • With group gaming gaining popularity, it indirectly teaches effective team work and group coordination.
  • Communication skills are given a boost because players prefer playing in groups where a win or loss is influenced by good or bad communication.
  • Rationality and problem –solving capabilities are sharpened.
  • Helps in making quick decisions.
  • Gaming improves hand-eye coordination thus making one well-versed in multitasking.
  • Leadership qualities are boosted . One learns to delegate, command and prioritize.
  • Old friendships are strengthened and new friends are found , especially when involved in group games.
  • Improves social skills.
  • Audial and visual stimulations make the brain more receptive .
  • Enhances concentration and focus.

The numerous cons of Gaming

Masked under the gloriousness of an impressive revenue and trending lifestyle, here are just some of the aspects of the bad side of the coin:

  • First and foremost , gaming is very addictive. And not in a good way.
  • Young children who are introduced to gaming, sadly by their own parents, are said to have behavioural issues . They can become very adamant and obstinate . Temper tantrums are becoming very common, with kids demanding to play games whenever they are unoccupied.
  • Gaming has become a pseudo-fad. It misleads the player into thinking that they are very much in vogue with the lates trend and those who aren’t into gaming seem worthless to these gamers.
  • In a virtual world, nothing is real. For those gamers who cannot fight it out in the real world, a small win in an online game takes on a whole new meaning. Thus, the game wins by giving the player a sense of false hope. Reality is shown the back door.
  • Constant gaming can also make one less productive by simply doing nothing but playing all day. Procrastination follows and makes things worse.
  • The physical ailments that follow with intense gaming is worth a whole new list. Cervical problems, loss of good posture, chronic eye ailments, lack of sleep, fatigue, lack of hygiene are just some of them.
  • Most games are violent in nature and they tend to misguide young players.

Like everything, gaming also needs boundaries. It is most entertaining as long as one it is use wisely and only for the sole purpose of entertainment.

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