Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our website We are cautious about our website visitor’s privacy and ensure that we take care of your information seriously. Wemay track website user patterns to see what Services, Games,and features you commonly use. We also track the frequency of visits, site traffic volume, time and type of transactions, browser language, type of browser, operating system, IP address and details about how you use the games and services. We would also collect personal data like name, email address and phone number for the communication process.

As our website visitor, you can add, delete or change your personal details. Please send an email so that we can make changes immediately. We do not sell your personal details to third parties or marketing channels.

Terms and Conditions
Welcome to The following terms and conditions are provided by the Flash Champ Company.We continuously update, modify and change blogs to give the users a fresh set of blogs to read. We have the rights to remove all or any specific blog at any time. We request the users to safeguard their personal details from third-party access. Please do not share your email address or password to the third party.

The website users are not allowed to use our website contents for own purpose. You can share the contents in social media channels but should be used on your website. Our website may contain third party advertisements. We are not sure whether they care about your personal details. We may send an email when we are updating or changing the privacy policy in our website.