Northan’s Christmas in 2014- the game of decorating the Christmas tree

Northan’s Christmas in 2014 is a nice game. It has a stunning graphics design. When you play the game you will find much fun. If you want to obtain good score in this game, you have to materialize a few decorating ideas. If you can apply the fruitful ideas you will be able to organize the Christmas tree within a short period. You should bear in mind that if you cannot decorate the Christmas tree within the given time limit, you will not permitted to enter into the house. When you will be able to show your friend that you have already decorated the Christmas tree, then your friend will give you the permission to enter into the house. When you play the game, you may apply some methods so that you can accomplish your task. Decorate the house, get the permission and enjoy your happy moments with your close friend. Best wishes for you.

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