Ape Escape Adventure Walkthrough

Scene 1: Collect bangles clicking on the cactus,bush, and tree.Fix those bangles on the wall and give the pineapple you get to the ape
Scene 2: Collect the key to open the box by clicking the branch of the tree. Take the papaya to feed the ape fom the box.
Scene 3: Click the oval and square marks, the left and right bushes, the box, the green blocks onwall and get bits Fix those bits onnthe topright of the wall to get oranges for the monkey.
Scene 4: Collect the food chain signs on the left of the wall place them in the following order: insect,frog, snake and hawk. Get the stone and use it on the catapult to get the guava for the ape.
Scene 5 : Get the oranges fro the ape by getting in clicking the darkspot on the wall and matching the the discs on the left and right wall.and entering the numbers on the right of the wall
Scene 6: Get the banana for the for the ape by moving slider panels as per the block levels taken by using the stone axe.
Scene 7: Move the steel blocks to make a way and click on the boulder, change the arrowsas per the hints on to the left, to get an apple for the ape.
Scene 8: Click the vertical/horizontal blocks, and the boulder use the arrows hint, change the arrows on left, to get an apple. Feed the ape
escapeScene 9: Click on the square to get a ball and an other by placing the pearls in the 4 loops in the centre to the top left. Get a key by clicking on the lagori stones. Open the house with the key. Get a ball by clicking on the square. Get the ball on the table using the key. Get another ball by bringing the slider panels in level by lighting the incense stick with the lighter and noting the quatities. Attach the balls on the wall, get strawberries for the ape ape.
Scene 10: Pick the blue ball from top, get another ball from the barrel. Click on the tree, to get a ball. Click and bring the inner/outer loop signs on to the top left,and get a ball. Click the rotatin puzzle to stop the rotation with the outer pipe poiting to the ball on the top , thrice and get the ball.. Click the pipes panel on right down. color Put the colored balls into the pipe as per the color. Feed the mango to the ape
Scene 11: Take one logo from the tree Change the 6 lined balls on the right according to the signs and take a logo. Change the number 9669 on the wall according to the arrow to 6699 and use the new number on the dials near the tree and get a log. Paste the same number 6699 on the wall and get a handle and fixed it on thewheelon the rock and put the lever in the crocidels mouth. Feed the grapesin the bos to the ape.

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