Ena ghost house escape- The game of escaping from a room

Ena ghost house escape is an ultramodern and nice game. In order to log into the website of this game, you may require a username including password. There is a colorful cursor in the game. Using that cursor you can proceed on. Play this game and discover the adventure. In this game, you will find a ghost room.
You may enter into the room. When you enter into the ghost room, the main door of the room may get stuck. You should tackle several frightening noises. At that moment, you should not be scared with the noises. Just follow some fruitful methods to escape from the ghost room quickly. If you go through the instruction, you will be able to make your solution. So, enjoy it and spend your leisure period. Best wishes for you.

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New Year fairy escape- the game of saving the New Year fairy

New Year fairy escape is a game which provides much fun. Before starting the game you should go through the entire instruction module. Here you will be provided some suggestion through which you will be able to qualify the levels. In this game you have to save the New Year fairy. Unfortunately the New Year fairy has turned into a statute. In order to save the New Year fairy, you have to make a search for the chemical solutions. You may use the time machine to go to the past. Then you should meet with a scientist who will give you some suggestions. Try to apply the methodologies provided by the scientist. You have to solve the entire puzzles to qualify the levels. However, it’s an outstanding game. Enjoy the entire game. Wish you all the best.

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